Rihanna will make $5-10x more for owning companies than she did making music! So much respect for this woman here. She went from making $1-2 per album sold and 200-500k for each show, which is amazing, to helping any Brand she markets reached $50-100m in sales with her face alone. Literally a week or two worth of work. Now she is worth over $250m. In 2015, she launched a stylist agency called Fr8me and a photo agency named A Dog Ate My Homework. That same year, she inked a sponsorship deal worth a reported $25 million with Samsung. Her new makeup line went on sale online in 150 countries people, that company alone will do over a billion in revenue in the next 2-4 years. If she owns half of it she should make hundreds of million when she sales it, if not a billion. She is a prime example of Culture Commerce. She now makes music for two reasons and the money ain’t one of them: 1. She loves it 2. The more fans she gets the more products she can sell them which builds her empire. Before you make other people rich, ask yourself what would Rihanna do!? ASK ANY QUESTION BELOW IN COMMENTS ABOUT HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

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