I’ve seen hundreds of pitch decks and really enjoying seeing peoples’ vision boiled down to 15 pages. Unfortunately, 90% of decks I see don’t have enough info and aren’t in the right format to get the interest of investors. Below I’m going to outline what every early-stage startup should have in the deck. The purpose of a deck is not to get money, it’s to get a call. The purpose of the call is to hopefully get a meeting. The purpose of a meeting is to get to due diligence. The purpose of due diligence is to confirm everything you claimed. Then you will get a commitment! So remember, decks aren’t to get money, they are to get calls/meetings.

Slide 1: Cover page with the name and what your company does
Slide 2. The problem you are solving
Slide 3. Solution to the problem
Slide 4. Market Validation
Slide 5. Market Size
Slide 6. What your product looks like
Slide 7. What is your business model
Slide 8. What’s your adoption strategy
Slide 9. Competition
Slide 10. Competitive advantage
Slide 11. Your Team
Slide 12. Any press or advisors
Slide 13. User/Customer testimonials
Slide 14. Financials (terms and size of the round, use of proceeds with expected traction/revenue)

If you are investing in companies make sure you ask all of these questions and if you are raising money make sure you explain all of these in your deck! Now, ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS about any of these pages below!!! I usually skip from slide 5 to 14. I care mostly about traction, valuation, structure and business model.

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