Lebron will be a billionaire and wealthiest athlete in the history of sports. Not because of his basketball career, but because of his PARTNERSHIPS. He’s figured out what other great athletes and entertainers haven’t. He figured out what George Clooney, Jessica Alba, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent learned (but much sooner) and made hundreds of millions on:

Sometimes, our own gifts and abilities can’t get us to manifest our potential.

Yup, you heard me, all this time you didn’t realize that your destiny was waiting for you AND you needed help, or partnerships to help you achieve it. I know, people don’t like anyone to help them or take their shine, they like to study alone, find their future spouse on their own, start their own business without help and raise the kids alone – I get it. However, relationships allow you to leverage what you do well with someone that thinks differently; align yourself to achieve a level of success you can’t alone.

Perhaps we aren’t progressing because of our relationships right now, NOT our abilities? Maybe it’s not that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, have enough money but it’s the people we surround ourselves with? Hmm. It’s time to unleash yourself to new possibilities overnight! Time to put the snakes down, time to let go of people who don’t contribute anything but negative energy in your life and start building partnerships with people who can help you achieve your financial, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual goals.

Lebron has partnerships with major studios for his media company. Partnerships with billionaire investors helping him craft his strategy. Partnerships with his childhood friends to run LeBron Inc. Drastically reduced his marketing deals and now takes equity instead of a marketing check like a true partner. Why take $1million in marketing dollars when you can take that in equity and make $30m when the company gets sold like he did with Beats? So today tell me below what athlete or entertainer you would love to partner with in exchange for equity and how both of you will make millions from THE POWER OF PARTNERSHIPS?!

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