Here is a black founder that represents everything I’ve been speaking about: @l.smith23 of @activefaithsports has grown his company over 2500% in 3 years because he

1. Became an expert at his craft using the same focus and passion he applied in his NBA career

2. Recognized the power of partnerships and that he couldn’t do it alone so partnered with NBA legends like @atolliver44 and #StephCurry

3. He used his FAITH to push thru some of the hardest parts! “This is not something I planned on,” says former college hoops star Lanny Smith. “I was always an athlete.” But injuries crushed his dreams just before his rookie NBA season began. His Christian faith kept him going, and an idea to marry it with athletic wear–dreamed up while he was recuperating in a hospital–gave him a thriving Houston-based company.

Support this brother and his dream! His company is taking over!

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