Kobe made $680m over 20 years in the NBA. One of the greatest to ever play. The seed round investors (Andreessen, Chris Sacca, baseline) in Instagram who put in $2.5m made $680m in two years when they sold to facebook! So it’s no wonder that Kobe decided to become a venture capitalist after he retired, by forming Bryant Stibel a $100m Fund. A lot of people don’t really know what venture capitalist do, but the richest black man in America, Robert F. Smith is a venture capitalist! VC’s fill a void of access to capital between your family/friends and government/bank/corporation buyers lenders and investors. So it works like this: 80% of VC’s money goes to grow businesses (marketing, sales, balance sheet, manufacturing) until it reaches sufficient size to be sold. So they buy a stake in your dream, nurture it with capital for a short period of time then exits when the company sales or goes public. But you have to have TRACTION. The keyword is they invest to “grow” the company not start or conceive the dream. That’s family and friends.

So before you reach out to Kobe or any other Venture Capitalist do the following 5 things:

1. Make sure your company is dope and you have traction

2. Make sure you google VC firms that focus on companies in your industry

3. Make sure you cold call or get Intro’d to a partner (not associate) there

4. Make sure you have already put your own money, credit cards or family and friends money in the business

5. Make sure you approach at least 25 investors because you only have 5-10% chance of even getting an investment.

It’s a numbers game. Happy hunting! ANY QUESTIONS OF HOW TO APPROACH VC’S ASK BELOW!!!

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