The focus is so important these days. Especially making sure you don’t focus on negative things. The things we focus on will manifest one way or another. The Bible says, “as a man thinketh so is he.” You give things permission to show up in your life. You become what you fear, what you are devoted to. Job teaches us what the power of focus really is…some things you SHOULD NEVER GIVE YOUR ATTENTION TO. If Job is an example of what happens when we focus on our fears and it comes upon us. Stop worrying, falling apart, speaking things into your life, allowing people to put things in your mind etc. Don’t eat dinner with your fears, wake up with your anxieties, write about, praise it, drink with it. Take your focus back. Get it out of your mind, your focus. Get fear & worry out. That’s why Paul said in Philippians “whatsoever things are true, just, be of good report, think of these things.” He understood the power of focus and what you give your allegiance to and how it impacts you.

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