Your idea could be worth $25bn, but only if YOU act on it. No excuses. They value these companies at 20-30 times their revenue. WHATS YOUR BUSINESS, POST IN COMMENTS?! Airbnb took root in the simple idea of bringing people together through the better use of empty rooms. Brian Chesky, its founder, rented out a couch in his San Francisco apartment as a way to earn extra money and provide an affordable lodging alternative to travelers visiting the city. For those who geek out on the numbers let’s take a deeper look: Research shows that it is the best breed in its category despite competition with smaller beginner companies( Priceline, Trivago ticket master, HomeAway, two other companies)

1. Good prices, good inventory and perfectly geared toward middle market
2. Booking value in 2015/6 is 12b
3. Generated 1.6B in rev in 2016, estimates say 2.5B
4. Expected Airbnb to be EBITDA positive much later, but CEO says they were breaking even in 2016
5. 2.6B EBITDA in 2020, and expected to generate about 7B in rev
6. 9 million active listings
7. Valuation $30bn, $103/share (Dicey because share count is unclear (roughly 98 million shares outstanding)
8. Rev: $1.6bn in 2016, 2.5bn in 2017, 7bn rev 2020
9. Ebitda: b/e in 2016, now positive, 2.6bn by 2020
10. $103 per share valuation- dicey because share count is unclear( roughly 98 mil shares outstanding) #mvpallstarfundiii

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