What does this guy do for a living? Sweater company? E-commerce Shop? Social Entrepreneur Apparel Company? Sports team marketing consultant?Lifestyle TV Series host? Foundation president? Record label owner? Lounge owner? Shoe designer? TV and Film influencer?

Most of you only know @hairweavekiller as a rapper but there isn’t a businessman with a more diverse revenue stream I know of other than this guy! He can make 7 figures from every single venture I named above. Here is the key: he was REALLY good at one thing (rapping) and used that platform to build over a dozen things he owns. And in order to make room for more, he gives back. For anyone looking to make moves like this read Jim Collins’ “Built To Last” or “Good To Great” where he talks about the magnificence of the “and” and how the best businesses are always preserving their core AND finding innovation or new businesses to stay alive. Don’t be distracted by 10 things if you aren’t excellent at ONE main thing first. Shout out to all those hustling!! #mvpallstarfundiii

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